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Special Screening
$5 Movies Every Week - Including a Shrek 2 comeback!

$5 Movies Every Week - Including a Shrek 2 comeback!

Your Ticket to Movie Magic for Just $5!

Lights, camera, action! This April, we're rolling out the red carpet for a series of beloved films, each carefully selected to delight audiences old and new. And the best part? Tickets are just $5! Catch most of these movies ONE NIGHT ONLY!

April 3 - The Big Lebowski

Kicking off our cinematic extravaganza is none other than the cult classic, "The Big Lebowski." Join the Dude, Walter, and Donny on their unforgettable journey through the quirky underbelly of Los Angeles. With its iconic characters, witty dialogue, and memorable soundtrack, this Coen Brothers masterpiece is a must-see for cinephiles and casual moviegoers alike.

April 10 - 50 First Dates

Love is in the air on April 10th as we present "50 First Dates." Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore charm audiences in this heartwarming romantic comedy about second chances and the power of true love. Get ready to laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again with this modern classic.

April 12 - Shrek 2, the 20th Anniversary Screening

Marking the 20th anniversary of everyone's favorite ogre, we're proud to present a special screening of "Shrek 2." Join Shrek, Fiona, and the gang for another hilarious adventure filled with laughs, love, and plenty of fairy tale twists. Whether you're revisiting the film or introducing it to a new generation, this anniversary screening promises fun for the whole family.

April 17 - Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Escape to the sunny shores of Hawaii with "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" on April 17th. Jason Segel stars as a heartbroken musician who seeks solace at a luxurious resort, only to find his ex-girlfriend and her new beau also vacationing there. Packed with laughs, romance, and a scene-stealing performance by Russell Brand, this romantic comedy is a perfect pick-me-up for any day.

April 24 - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Party on, dudes! Close out the month with a most excellent adventure alongside Bill and Ted. Join these time-traveling slackers as they journey through history to ace their history presentation and save the future. With its infectious energy, hilarious hijinks, and iconic catchphrases, "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" is a timeless comedy classic that's sure to leave you smiling.

Join us at Cinepolis and Moviehouse & Eatery this April for Cinepolis Handpicked, where movie magic meets unbeatable value. With tickets priced at just $5, there's no better time to experience the thrill of the big screen. Grab your popcorn, find your reclining seat, and get ready for a month of cinematic delights you won't soon forget!

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