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Mystery Grab Bags

Mystery Grab Bags

Get ready for an unparalleled cinematic adventure with our Mystery Grab Bag at Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas! For just $10, immerse yourself in the thrill of the unknown as you snag a bag filled with surprises. From gift cards to movie tickets, candy delights to exclusive merchandise featuring icons like Taylor Swift and Spider-Man, each bag is a mystery waiting to be unraveled.

The catch? You won't know what's inside until you take the plunge. But therein lies the excitement – every grab bag offers the chance to uncover treasures worth far more than the price tag. So, embrace the unexpected and treat yourself to the ultimate cinematic surprise. Visit Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas today, grab your Mystery Bag, and let the adventure begin. Who knows what awaits? The next big thrill could be just a grab away!

Disclaimer: Please note that the contents of the Mystery Bag are randomly selected and may vary in style, and color. We cannot guarantee specific preferences or accommodate individual requests. Returns or exchanges based on personal preferences will not be accepted. All items included in the Mystery Bags are final sale. Bag items vary by location and availability. Each mystery bag will contain any 3-5 items that are currently on sale, unreleased, or discontinued. Thank you for your understanding. Terms subject to change at anytime without notice. 

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