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Movie and a Meal: Cruel Intentions

Movie and a Meal: Cruel Intentions

1 hr 37 min
Love it or leave it! This Valentine's Day, join us at our special Movie and a Meal event! Revel in the rebellious spirit of Cruel Intentions while enjoying a delectable 3-course meal, sipping on 2 themed cocktails, capturing memories at our photo op, and maybe snagging a giveaway. Interested in something more romantic? It's your night, your choice and we've got tickets to The Notebook Movie and a Meal event with your name on them! Valentine's Day, your way! This is a 21+ only event. About the movie... Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe sizzle as a pair of unscrupulous siblings in a deliciously sexy tale of seduction, revenge and conquest. After cleverly seducing and ruining the reputation of an unsuspecting classmate, the sparks fly when Kathryn poses the ultimate challenge to her insatiable stepbrother Sebastian: deflower the Headmaster's beautiful, virgin daughter Annette. If he fails, Kathryn gets his most prized possession, but if he succeeds, Sebastian gets to possess and bed Kathryn. The stakes are high, but for Sebastian, the payoff is feverishly irresistible and before the summer's over, no one will escape their relentless game of cat and mouse until one of them is bitten by the most unlikely sensation of all... love.
This is a 21+ only event. Any guests under 21 will not be admitted. By purchasing a ticket, you are confirming that you and your party are 21 or older. Please be prepared to show ID at the theater. Cinépolis and M&E reserve the right to deny entry without a refund.
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  • Genre:Drama, Romance
  • Director:Roger Kumble
  • Cast:Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon
Valentine's Day at the movies event
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