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Effective Date: October 17, 2017


These Terms of Use apply to your access to, and participation in, the Cinépolis Rewards program (“Cinépolis Rewards") which is operated by USA Cinema Investments Holding, Inc., and/or its respective subsidiaries, licensees and affiliated companies (collectively, “Cinépolis") in the fifty (50) United States of America and the District of Columbia (collectively, the “U.S.”). These Terms of Use do not alter in any way the terms or conditions of any other agreement you may have with Cinépolis for other products and services. Cinépolis reserves the right to change, modify and/or eliminate Cinépolis Rewards and/or all or any portion of these Terms of Use or any policy, or guideline pertaining to Cinépolis Rewards at any time and in its sole discretion. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the revisions to and you waive any right you may have to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications. Your participation in Cinépolis Rewards confirms your acceptance of these Terms of Use and any such changes or modifications; therefore, you should review these Terms of Use and applicable policies to understand the terms and conditions that apply to Cinépolis Rewards. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, do not participate in Cinépolis Rewards. 

The Cinépolis Rewards program is intended for personal use only, and commercial use is prohibited. This program is not targeted towards, nor intended for use by, anyone under the age of 13. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, you may only use Cinépolis Rewards under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Please read the Cinepolis Privacy Statement at to fully understand how Cinépolis collects, uses and discloses information about customers and how to update or change your personal information and how we communicate with you.

Cinépolis Rewards is one way in which Cinépolis USA endeavors to reward and thank loyal customers for patronizing our business, and purchasing Cinépolis® and Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas® products. Members of Cinépolis Rewards are eligible to earn and accumulate “Points" that can be redeemed for Cinépolis benefits at participating Cinépolis® and Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas® in the U.S.


  • 10 Points for every $1 spent on Food and or Beverage (Points cannot be earned or redeemed for purchases of alcohol) at most Cinépolis branded locations. Not available at Moviehouse & Eatery branded locations or Cinépolis The Woodlands.
  • 200 Points for each admission ticket purchased on or the mobile Cinépolis USA App (limit of one (1) transaction of up to six (6) tickets daily)
  • 500 BONUS Rewards points on initial sign up to Cinépolis Rewards
  • 500 BONUS Rewards points on your birthday
  • Unlimited Points Earning Potential (Points will never be capped)
  • Surprise Email Offers for Cinepolis Rewards members
  • Access to exclusive events for Cinepolis Rewards members
  • Special offers for Cinepolis Rewards members


There are two (2) ways to enroll in Cinépolis Rewards and begin accumulating Points:

Visit www.Ciné Follow the prompts to create an account and register your membership.
Download the mobile Cinépolis USA App to your Android™ or iPhone® device. Follow the prompts to create an account and register your membership.

The enrollment process in Cinepolis Rewards program may require that you provide the following information: username, password, email address (required to receive all eligible Points), name, physical address, telephone number, birthday, and marketing preferences. 

If you change the physical address associated with your membership to one that is not located within the U.S., your Cinepolis Rewards account will be inactivated. You will no longer be able to earn Points or receive or redeem benefits under your Cinépolis Rewards account. Previously earned Points may expire as described below.


The benefits are available to you through Cinépolis Rewards are based on the number of “Points" you earn. You can earn Points by making purchases at Cinépolis locations and and associating your Cinepolis Rewards membership with such purchases.

Categories:  Points are earned on your registered Cinepolis Rewards membership is as follows:

  • Food & Beverage – Ten (10) Points for each One Dollar ($1.00) – NOTE EXCLUDES ALCOHOL. Available at most Cinépolis branded locations. Not available at Moviehouse & Eatery branded locations or Cinépolis The Woodlands.
  • Admission Tickets - Two-Hundred (200) Points for each ticket purchase on Ciné or on the mobile Cinépolis USA App. Limit one transaction per day, up to 6 tickets per transaction.
  • Points:  Once a Rewards Member accumulates 2,500 Points, a FREE “complementaRy ticket) will be applied to their Cinépolis Rewards account. Rewards Members can accumulate unlimited “complementaRy tickets,” each corresponding to 2,500 Points earned. Upon reaching 2,500 points, 2,500 points will be automatically deducted from the member’s account and a FREE “compelmentaRy ticket” will be added. FREE “complementaRy ticket” valid for 6 months from the date earned and can be used on any standard format show. Special formats (3D, Junior, IMAX, 4DX, ScreenX) not applicable.  

Exclusions:  Points cannot be earned, and rewards cannot be used, on the following:

  • Purchase of alcoholic beverages
  • Purchase of Cinépolis Gift Cards (including activations, reloads, transfers, or any other card-to-card transaction).
  • Taxes, tips, donations, and fees may also be excluded.
  • Group sales, events or platinum access ticket sales.

Cinépolis Rewards members begin to apply their Points towards FREE “complementaRy tickets” once they have earned two-thousand five-hundred (2,500) Points. Points are redeemable only in 2,500 increments for one (1) FREE “complementaRy ticket” per increment, subject to exclusions listed above.

Rewards members must present themselves as a Rewards Member in the cinema or while transacting online to earn Points. Rewards members will earn Points if the Cinepolis Point of Sale system is offline, however, they will not be able redeem points at that time. Reward Points are redeemed on a first in / first out basis. Reward Points expire if a Reward member becomes inactive (i.e., no transactions for 12 months).

Rewards Points may not be earned/awarded in fractional amounts regardless of the value of your purchase (fractional amounts are rounded down). Generally, Rewards Points for qualifying purchases from participating theaters, and the Cinépolis USA App are automatically added to your Rewards Account within twenty-four (24) hours. From time to time, we, or others acting with our permission, may offer you special promotions that offer you “Promotional Points." Promotional Points, such as “bonus" Points, will be awarded as described in the applicable promotional offer and will be subject to any additional terms set forth in the promotional offer.

You can view and track your Point balance and available Points at or by using the mobile Cinépolis USA App. Cinépolis reserves the right to change the number of benefit levels and to change the benefits, points and Rewards associated with each level in its sole discretion at any time.



There are no membership fees associated with Cinépolis Rewards. Points accumulated under the program are promotional and have no cash value.

Points earned under your Cinépolis Rewards membership are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with, family, friends or others, or used for any commercial purpose. You may have only one (1) Cinépolis Rewards account that is personal to you.

Without notice to you, Cinépolis reserves the right to suspend your participation and/or terminate any Cinépolis Rewards account if Cinépolis determines in its sole discretion that you have violated these Terms of Use, you have more than one (1) account, or that the use of your account is unauthorized, deceptive, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful. Cinépolis may, in its sole discretion, suspend, cancel or combine accounts that appear to be duplicative. If your participation in Cinépolis Rewards is terminated, then all accumulated Points in your account will be forfeited.

Without notice to you, Cinépolis also reserves the right to “unregister" and make ineligible for the Cinépolis Rewards program any Cinépolis Rewards account that has not earned points in the prior twelve (12) months. If your Cinépolis Reward account is unregistered or rendered inactive, then all accumulated Points in your account will be immediately forfeited.

Cinépolis reserves the right to terminate, discontinue or cancel the Cinépolis Rewards program at any time and in its sole discretion without notice to you.

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